$11.6 Billion

Dollars worth of goods shipped for our customers by MegaCorp


Proven success for our customers


Committed partnerships with our carriers


Life changing opportunities for our employees


MegaCorp Logistics is one of the Top 50 Brokerage firms in the US based on Transport Topics Top 100 Rankings.  With nearly a decade of service to customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small privately held firms, MegaCorp has proven to be one of America’s most capable logistics providers. Our executive leadership of Ryan and Denise Legg, who have 31+ years in the freight industry, provide the atmosphere, tools, innovation, and leadership for the vision of MegaCorp; to become the best long-term strategic partner with our customers and our carriers.

MegaCorp Logistics provides freight transportation arrangement in FTL, LTL and intermodal logistics.  To meet our customers’ freight needs, we provide the link and access to thousands of vetted and certified transportation providers and carrier partners across the US and Canada.  The service and dedication of our carrier partners as well as our employees provide a performance driven culture for success. It’s The MEGA WAY!

With the many challenges of the supply chain industry, MegaCorp remains the leader in innovation, quality, reliability, integrity and dedication to our customers and their specific needs.

“Thank you for choosing MegaCorp and allowing us to serve you.” -Denise and Ryan Legg

“MegaCorp Logistics has been a trusted and valuable partner of ours for years. They have become an extension of our logistics department and work with us daily to create solutions for our customers. By fully understanding our needs and goals MegaCorp has provided transportation management solutions at a superior level. Partnering with them has made my job easier and has allowed me to focus on growing my business. The entire staff is a true pleasure to work with and is one of my biggest assets.” -Phil (Fortune 100 Client)

Our Growth

MegaCorp was founded in 2009 and with the dedication of their employees, they have grown in the thriving company they are today.

Logistics Industry

RegionCountry2015 GDP¹Logistics (GDP %)2015 Logistics Cost3PL Revenue %2015 3PL Revenue
North AmericaCanada1,573.09.0%141.610.2%14.4
 United States17,970.08.2%1,473.510.9%161.2