Truck Driver Appreciation

Thank You from MegaCorp Employees: Danny, Joe, Lori, Randy, and Abderazzek

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week


It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and we’re highlighting a few drivers to celebrate. They will also be receiving a Mega Swag Bag as a token of our appreciation!




First Load Date with MegaCorp: 1/2/14

Loads He and His company have hauled for MegaCorp: 1,032

“Danny is the definition of a professional driver! We have been loading him consistently for a while and each load has been a pleasure. I cannot recall a time that he has ever been late or failed to give us a timely update.”






First Load Date with MegaCorp: 11/18/16

Loads Hauled for MegaCorp: 223

“Joe has run for us weekly since 2016 and is always on time and always calls when loaded and unloaded. Great guy and does a tremendous job for us!”






First Load Date with MegaCorp: 4/9/13

“Lori is one of the most responsive drivers we have encountered. She is always in touch. From planning her future loads to continual updates on her current loads.  Dependable, reliable, female driver doing her thing while understanding the importance of timeliness and accountability. If we could have her on all of our loads every day that would be awesome.”






First load date with MegaCorp: 5/20/19

“Randy is a super nice guy who’s been driving for over 40 years. He’s very reliable and is always on time or early.”








First Load Date with MegaCorp: 1/7/16

Loads Hauled for MegaCorp: 235

“Abderazzek is the nicest driver. He is always on time and is terrific with updates. He will go above and beyond to get the job done and will call in right away if there are any issues whatsoever. Everything he does for us deals with overnight runs and our team is always able to sleep soundly knowing Abderazzek has the situation under control. When you call him in the morning, no matter how much sleep he’s had, he is always joyous and kind. You couldn’t ask for a better truck driver.”





First Load Date with MegaCorp: 8/2/2018

“I cannot say enough about Tom. He has been doing a dedicated run for us for a couple of years. No complaints, no issues, stays on top of his reefer maintenance,  always polite and on time.  WE LOVE TOM!”




We’d like to thank ALL of the men and women who deliver our customers’ goods safely, securely and on time; we appreciate all that you do! If you see a truck driver, be sure to thank them because they are essential in getting you the food and goods you need and use daily!


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