MegaCorp Partners With Seaside Honeybees

MegaCorp partnering with Seaside Honeybees to install honeybee hives on Wilmington, NC property.

In partnership with Seaside Honeybees, MegaCorp Logistics is proud to take part in the movement for a more eco-conscious community. We’ll host two gentle hives onsite. The live colonies will be delivered at the beginning of March 2022. Our thousands of new colleagues will pollinate the flora that surrounds us, and we’ll receive regular updates about the happenings inside the hives. As soon as they have enough to spare, we’ll harvest their honey and share it with our community.

“I’m grateful that we’re able to take part in this project with Seaside Honeybees” said Ryan Legg, Founder and CEO of MegaCorp. “It’s important to take care of our communities and our environment, and hosting these amazing honeybee hives is one small way we can contribute to that.”

This project is realized in collaboration with Seaside Honeybees, a beekeeping company that installs and maintains hives for residences, schools, and companies like ours. The hives create greater ecological awareness and provide an opportunity for us to connect with nature.


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