A green golf course on a bright day. There is a sign that reads, "MegaCorp Logistics"At MegaCorp we are passionate about our customers, transportation partners, our employees and… golf.  Day to day we have the pleasure of moving truckloads and less than truckloads of products throughout the country for our customers, work with amazing trucking companies and watch our employees grow and thrive while enjoying their work environment.  However, it is not every day that we have a PGA Tour event stop through our small, coastal city where we are headquartered in Wilmington, NC.  In fact, a pro-sporting event has not come through Wilmington since 1971. So, as you may guess, we celebrated this event in a MEGA way, by offering tickets to our employees, participating in Pro-Am events, hosting nightly events and getting a dining chalet on the 18th green.  Ryan Legg, CEO and founder stated,

Our CEO Ryan Legg and his wife Denise in the crowd at the PGA Tour in Wilmington.“I have never had such an experience in my career as an owner like we did at the Wells Fargo. I have received so many e-mails from clients, prospects and employees stating what an amazing time they had. I feel like we have the best company in town.”

Highlights from the week included our CEO and employees playing a round with Davis Love III in the Monday Pro-Am.
A plaque containing an image of five men smiling and holding golf clubs. The image is signed by Davis Love III. The men's names are printed on the plaque, from left to right: Jeff Enlow, Ryan Legg, Davis Love III, Tom McGee, and Matt Propst. The bottom of the plaque has the Wells Fargo golf championship logo and reads, "Championship Pro-Am, May 1, 2017, Eagle Point Golf Club"  A group of smiling MegaCorp employees posing on a golf course. Some are holding drinks, some are holding golf clubs, all are having a great time.  A group of people watch as a man swings his golf club on a clear, blue-skied day.

The Wednesday Pro-Am showcased some amazing talent by two of our clients with our CEO.  They were pared with Justin Thomas.  Our client, Jonathan, looked the part so much he was asked to sign a couple autographs after the round. Also noteworthy, is that one of our account mangers caddied for Dustin Johnson, who, at the time, was ranked #1 in the world.
Six men posing on a golf course on a sunny day. A man assisting a young boy on a golf course while several other men fraternize in the background. Three men walking into the sunlight hitting a patch of the golf course. A man getting ready to swing his club at a golf ball. A few people are watching in the distance.

We also enjoyed taking PGA Tour player J.B. Holmes and his caddie, Brandon Parsons, to Eagle Point. One of our account managers (that doubled as a boat captain) also treated them to a flounder gigging excursion. A fun fact is that Brandon used to be our Vice President’s assistant when he was a National Account Manager.
Three men smiling while sitting in a motor boat. Three men posing in the dark. Two of the men are holding large flounders. Two men smiling while in a boat on a fishing trip.

It was wonderful to be able to go to and from the tournament via boats from the intercoastal side of Wrightsville Beach up to Eagle point. Thank you to our employees that also doubled as boat captains that week.
A pier from the view of the water looking inland. At the other end of the pier there are two MegaCorp flags blowing in the wind. In the distance there is a small set of stairs that leads up to the yard of a house. A blue MegaCorp flag blows in the wind off of the side of a motor boat. Six people enjoying a sunny day on a motor boat.

After arriving at Eagle Point, MegaCorp employees also enjoyed watching some great golf from our chalet and around the course.
A man shortly after hitting a golf ball out of the sand trap. The ball is in the air, headed in the direction of the flag. Two men are playing golf by a pond. They are both crouched over to set the ball in place. Patches of tall grass, with a glimpse of the golf course and stadium seating in the background. A golfer and a caddy looking into a golf bag. The golfer is pointing toward something in the bag.

We, of course, cheered for Cameron Tringale.  We are one of his sponsors and it was kind of him to stop by the chalet and one of our dinner parties.

A golfer stands on a gold course, club in hand. There is a few feet in front of him. A golfer, mid-swing! Two smiling men in the seating area at the PGA Tour.

The players were great about giving autographs after their rounds.  One of our client’s was absolutely thrilled to get Phil Mickelson’s autograph. What a wonderful keepsake.
A man and a woman, smiling and holding one another. They are both wearing lanyards with a slip of paper at the end. The woman is holding up her lanyard slip, which has a signature on it. A man looking off in the distance as he holds a white cap.

Over all, we were absolutely thrilled with how the event went.  It was great for the local economy and a great team building experience that we will treasure and reflect upon for years.

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