Mega Truck with ProduceProduce Shipping with MegaCorp

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our produce shipping capabilities.  Our team of produce logistics specialists are passionate about making sure your goods are picked up and delivered on time while remaining fresh and safe during transit.

After you try us out for one load, you will see why your freight is in great hands, just like a sample of our produce clients below have found.

On 10/22, this is what our current client Serra R. from CA said to her boss,

MegaCorp is amazing with what they do and their service level is phenomenal.  I have so many issues with other carriers I’d be nervous to change.

Ready to make your life easier and have MegaCorp handle your shipping?  Test us out and you will not be disappointed.  Fill out the form to the right for a quote or give us a call 910.332.0825.

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