What our current clients are saying:

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“I started using MegaCorp Logistics in 2012 as a fill in for a spot load. MegaCorp Logistics has gone from being a spot fill in to one of my most trusted partners.  The folks at MegaCorp Logistics are great communicators, know the business, and know how to solve issues on the fly.  Top to bottom from the billing folks to the dispatch overnight crew, MegaCorp Logistics goes the extra mile to make sure my freight is booked, picked up, and delivered on time.”

Moving boxes

“MegaCorp Logistics has been a trusted and valuable partner of ours for years. They have become an extension of our logistics department and work with us daily to create solutions for our customers.  By fully understanding our needs and goals MegaCorp has provided transportation management solutions at a superior level. Partnering with them has made my job easier and has allowed me to focus on growing my business. The entire staff is a true pleasure to work with and is one of my biggest assets.”

Sweet Potatoes

“We are in our busiest time of year right now and if it wasn’t for Matt helping me broker these loads I don’t know what I would do!  He is doing a great job.  Also thanks to Evan for helping me out with your asset trucks, it has been working out well.”

Food Service

“I started my business when I moved to California 30 years ago. I’ve had my share of good years and like any business, I’ve had my share of challenging years as well. Today, I’m pleased to say, that we continue along as we look forward to our next 30 years.  I’ve learned a lot in those 30 years. Integrity, follow through, and teamwork are all important to the success of any business.”

I stumbled upon MegaCorp several years back and I am so fortunate to have done so. Transportation and logistics are an important part of my business. Having MegaCorp handle this piece enables me to spend my time growing sales and managing the important financial side of our business. Their follow through, along with their on-time delivery performance, is a positive reflection on my company.

I consider MegaCorp more than just a supplier of transportation. I consider them a working partner that I’ve grown to rely upon and am fortunate to have them as an extension of my team.”

Darryl, one of our clients in the baked goods industry, was in town for our holiday party and had these kind words to say about MegaCorp:

Robin, one of our clients in the poultry industry, has kind words to say about MegaCorp’s outstanding service and communication.