Summer Solstice & Logistics

 Happy Summer Solstice from MegaCorp Logistics. Scientists use a figure-8 shaped chart called the analemma to calculate the sun's angle from the earth at noon.

It’s officially summer! Today is the Summer Solstice.

The analemma (figure 8 looking image) is what Meteorologists use to calculate the sun angle at noon on any given day.  Today, in the northern hemisphere, the sun is at its highest spot in the sky for the year.  This means the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer today and the sun angle at noon there is 90’.  So, if you happen to be there today, the sun would be directly over your head at noon. To calculate the highest sun angle in your area for the Summer Solstice, follow this simple math equation:  (90 + 23.5) – the latitude for your city.

Here are the sun angles at noon today at our offices:
Wilmington, NC:  79.5’ (latitude there is 34’N)

Elkins, WV and Cincinnati, OH: 74.5’ (latitude there is 39’N)

Note: You add 23.5’ because that is how much the earth is titled on its axis. This equation is only valid for the Solstice.

We are fascinated by weather here at MegaCorp because it affects everything we do.  We have thousands upon thousands of full (and less than) truckloads on the road every month, so we need to stay on top of what the weather is doing and thought you all would enjoy this fun fact about the Summer Solstice!

In the summer months, we play close attention to the heat index for our refrigerated full truck loads. At MegaCorp, we do everything we can to ensure that your refrigerated product stays the set temperature throughout transit.  In fact, we thoroughly screen every carrier we partner with to ensure their equipment meets the highest safety and inspection standards, has great references, been in business more than 6 months, and (depending on the commodity) that their company has over five trucks.

In addition to the summer heat, we closely monitor the tropics to anticipate if/when certain areas will be affected by Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.

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