Another Increase On The Way

Domestic Truckload Freight – Market Update The demand for truck capacity still remains well above anything the industry has ever seen. To put it into perspective, there were 62% more tenders last week than there were during the same time frame last year. This volume is astronomical, even for the holiday season. The Outbound Tender […]

Holiday Freight Has Arrived

Tender Rejections and Volumes Increase The time of year we have talked about for months is now upon us. Buckle up because this holiday season is going to be one for the record books. We know consumer spend has drastically shifted this year due to the pandemic, thus adding more freight to the market than […]

Sustained Strength

November 3, 2020 Freight Market Update Freight volumes are holding steady at near-record highs, as they have been since mid-August (aside from the temporary decrease after Labor Day). This level will sustain through mid-December. Even the traditional, temporary dip in volume after Thanksgiving will be less noticeable this year as shippers indicate that they are […]

Gearing Up For The Holidays

Freight volumes are up 2.2% week-over-week signifying the additional holiday freight is making its way through the supply chain. These holiday shipments are replacing some of the additional COVID related shipments that were starting to decrease and level out. The chart above is the nationwide Outbound Tender Volume Index and has been expanded out to […]

Slight “Relief” Before The Holiday Freight Surge

Freight Market Update – October 20, 2020 As we predicted earlier this month, there is a slight, temporary decline in overall tenders compared to the last couple of weeks. This trend should continue into next week, then the holiday increase will pick up right after Halloween and continue to rise through mid-December. Even with the […]

Holding Steady Before Another Increase

Temporary Plateau There is no change from last week with freight volumes holding steady overall with 45%-50% more freight tendered weekly, compared to this time last year. Is this where the freight market will stay? Unfortunately, it will probably get a bit worse before any sustainable relief occurs. As shown within the top chart (according […]

Freight Market Update

The Peak Is Here To Stay Freight volumes are holding steady overall, with approximately 45%-50% more freight on the road, weekly, than this time last year. This steady influx of truckloads isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially with the approaching holidays. The increased volume has certainly elevated the tender rejection rate. For the past two […]

The “New Normal”

This freight market is here to stay for the remainder of the year. We are currently six months after the panic-buying surge from early spring. Back then, it appeared to be the peak of COVID-related buying/shipping trends, when freight volumes plummeted in May as most of the country was experiencing “stay at home” orders. It […]

Freight Volumes Slightly Decrease, Rates Remain High

This week there is a good news/bad news situation for the freight market. The good news is that tender volumes are decreasing and tender rejections are coming down slightly. However, the bad news is that this means about one in four loads are still being rejected by carriers to seek even higher paying loads and/or […]

Freight Volumes and Tender Rejections Remain Extreme

Freight volumes have returned to the new “normal” after the temporary decrease in volume last week, which was expected after Labor Day weekend. The United States has almost 50% more freight on the road than this time last year. Tender rejections are still happening at an alarming rate of 25.63%. This means that over one […]