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December Market Update 2021

Year-End Capacity Crunch and New Mandate As expected, outbound tender volume dipped after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is in-line with historical trends. Volume has since climbed back to the “new normal” which is about 50% to 60% more tenders than pre-pandemic times. We expect to closely follow last year’s tender volumes as we move through […]

November Market Update 2021

Preparing For The Crest Of The Peak The traditional “Peak Season” is upon us and we are exactly where we were one year ago in regards to freight volume, which is 57.05% more shipments than any given day in the 2019 Holiday Season. We have essentially been in a “peak season” since July of 2020 […]

Freight Market Update October 2021

The Peak That Turned Into a Plateau To no one’s surprise at this point, freight volumes continue to come in at an all-time high for where we sit in the calendar year. Daily volumes have been holding steady at 15,500, on average, a day on the index. 2021 Fall volumes are now mirroring 2020 with […]

Freight Market Update September 2021

No Signs of Slowing Down or Loosening The annual rush to get inventory onto the shelves for the busiest season of the year is underway. Shippers are ordering more, and ordering earlier, with hopes of not running into shortages and delays during the holiday season, which is what happened in 2020. This mass buying surge […]

Freight Market Update August 2021

Tidal Wave Of Freight On The Way When analyzing trends and patterns of the domestic supply chain, we expand our research to encompass a global view. We do this to look at what is or isn’t making its way to the US, because 95% will end up on a truck at some point. We have […]

Freight Market Update June 30, 2021

Safe Driver Week and Freight Volumes Holding Strong Another month has passed, but we remain in the same volatile freight market. Freight volumes continue to hold strong at near record levels. For the 17th week in a row, tender volumes are above 15,000 (except for the post-Memorial holiday dip) and coming in at just over […]

Freight Market Update May 28, 2021

Freight Volumes and Costs at Historical Highs, Again As COVID restrictions lift across the United States, freight volumes are holding strong at near-record levels. With the drastic shift from service-based, consumer spend to product-based demand and spend during COVID, some analysts predicted that freight volumes and costs would decrease when America opened-up. However, we saw […]

Freight Market Update April 30, 2021

Vehicle Safety Check – Mother’s Day – Produce Season The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Road Check, AKA DOT Blitz Week, is Tuesday, May 4 through Thursday, May 6. The focus will be on drivers’ hours of service and lighting on trucks. This does not affect MegaCorp’s vetted carrier partners, due to our in-depth screening process […]

Freight Market Update

Volatile Market As We Approach Produce Season As America reopens, outbound tender volumes remain extremely elevated. Freight volumes across the US are 24% higher than this time last year during the pre-lockdown, panic buying surge (shown in orange on the top graph) and 54% higher than 2019 volumes (in green). With an abundance of freight being […]

Freight Market Update

Current Market and March Projections Freight volumes decreased for the first part of February but have drastically climbed over the past week as the industry plays catch up due to the widespread winter storms last week. Freight volumes are now 55% higher than this time last year.  Even at the lowest volume point in February, […]