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Displaced Capacity

Freight Market Update December 8, 2020 Tender volumes have rebounded to the pre-Thanksgiving, “new normal” levels. The shipping trends are mirroring that of 2018 and 2019, but 60% more volume than 2019 (in green) as shown in the chart above. Expanding the chart gives us a great indication of what to expect in the remaining […]

New Records Set, Again

Freight Market Update December 1, 2020 Thanksgiving week has come and gone, but it left its mark in the history books with record freight volumes and rejections. The record was set at 17,079 on the Outbound Tender Volume Index, well above the 16,231 record which was set the previous week. Even though we currently find […]

Record Thanksgiving Week

Freight Market Update As expected, this week is one for the record books. For the first time in history, the outbound tender volume crossed the 16,000 mark on the index, and the days with the greatest volume are still to come. This is a whopping 63% more freight than this time last year. The record […]